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Also in preparation:
  • an area containing information from my research into the hulk predecessors of HMS Fisgard which was the 'Stone Class Frigate' used for the basic training of Royal Navy Artificers. The first HMS Fisgard was a French frigate 'La Resistance' captured in 1797. HMS Fisgard's subsequent successful exploits in the Royal Navy, under the command of Captain Byam Martin and later Captain William Bolton, were of the 'stuff' that could well have provided inspiration for some of the storylines in Patrick O'Brian's series of 20 (at the last count) novels with Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin as the main characters.

  • This naturally connects with another planned area containing items of interest to readers of those superb Aubrey/Maturin novels of Patrick O'Brian. Apart from the fine descriptive power of the naval aspects, which give one the impression of feeling the wind and movement, tasting the salt, smelling the powder smoke and hearing the noise these novels are remarkable for the breadth and depth of their storylines. The research behind these novels must have been an effort of gargantuan proportions.

    With his perceptive powers of description O'Brian gives a real sense of being there at the time, both ashore and afloat. The character of Maturin adds espionage, natural history, medicine and surgery as well as an active love of music. The latter he shares with his naval friend and colleague Aubrey, with their combined passion for playing popular pieces of the day. Oh! And there is romance and tragedy, the usual ingredients of a popular novel and even some astronomy. All set admirably within the context of the period.

    For those who tire of waiting for me to put anything here you could always visit the publisher's web site Harper Collins - Authors index or go directly to The Patrick O'Brian Page which is well worth a visit.

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