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All images on this page © the author.
Camera used: Konica/Minolta Dynax 7D.

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Hoopoe visitor at Gosport, Hampshire. England
These pictures were taken on Saturday 21st January 2006 at 2:47 pm. This Hoopoe has been seen around the area for about 4 weeks (some say since November last) at this time having probably arrived during a mild spell before Christmas 2005. Evidently it was at first taken for a woodpecker and raised little interest until correctly identified.

If you wish to hear the sound that a Hoopoe makes then visit British Garden Birds


Konica/Minolta Dynax 7D with 75-300mm Minolta zoom. RAW images converted to TIFF with RawShooter and then re-sized and converted to JPEG.

HOOPOE - 107Kb
HOOPOE - 119Kb
FOXGPT.jpeg - 138Kb
No the above is not a Hoopoe of course but Brere Fox. This was one seen on 15th January 2006 at Felicia Park Gosport whilst on an abortive Hoopoe spot. There must be more foxes here as outbreaks of yelping obviously accompanied fights. The Hoopoe was photographed just beyond the fence and hedge in the background. Let us hope that the Hoopoe does not fall prey to these creatures or the black and white cat some have seen in the area. Although if it is the cat that I saw in the Felicia Park Urban Farm then I think the Hoopoe will prove too quick for it.

Konica/Minolta Dynax 7D and Sigma 50-500mm in very poor light at 15:30. RAW image converted to TIFF using RawShooter and then cropped, resized and converted to JPEG.

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