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All images on this page © the author.
Camera used: Minolta Dynax 7.

Ladden bumblebee - 47Kb
Bumblebee, on raspberry flower, heavy with pollen
Bumble bees are fascinating creatures not least because of the variety in species, not only of true bumblebee but of the cuckoo bee.

A detailed, and recommended, reference work on bumblebees is: Prys-Jones, Oliver E. and Corbet, Sarah A. (1991) 'Bumblebees', 'Naturalists' Handbooks 6'. Published for the Company of Biologists by The Richmond Publishing Co. Ltd., Slough. England. ISBN 0-85546-257-4 (Paperback), 0-85546-258-2 (Hardcover).

The picture was taken on Fuji Provia 100F and scanned using a Minolta Dimâge Scan Elite II.

Dynax 7 with 100mm Macro D and Macro Twin Flash 2400.

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