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Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

Singleton, Nr. Chichester, West Sussex. England

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Camera used: Minolta SRT-101.

BOARHUNT.jpeg - 12Kb
Above: Hall from Boarhunt, Hampshire
The hall from Boarhunt is an excellent example of 'cruck' construction (more correctly in this instance a 'base-cruck' as the the crucks do not extend to the roof apex) used for the central roof truss of the open hall. This particular 'cruck' form is now very rare in surviving buildings with only about 90 being known. There are about three thousand known examples of surviving buildings with full crucks. The shape of the curved (cruck) timbers which form the central truss is echoed in the exterior walls visible in this shot.
Bayleaf.jpeg - 13Kb Pendean front - 15Kb HgMedCot.jpeg - 17Kb
          Bayleaf                                Pendean                       Medieval Cottage

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