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Pictures from Egypt during WW1

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Av504Cr - 17Kb

Above: A crashed Avro 504.

Av504Wr - 12Kb

Above: Another crashed Avro 504.

AvroHang - 18Kb

Above: Yet another crashed Avro 504.

Pup - 13Kb

Above: A crashed Sopwith 1½ Strutter.

PupInv - 17Kb

Above: Another crashed Sopwith 1½ Strutter.

The Sopwith 1½ Strutter served mostly with the RNAS, the serial 5601 indicates this is an ex Naval Strutter N5601. This was one of a batch built by Westland Aircraft of Yeovil with the first few, including this one, being single seater bombers with the rear cockpit covered. N5601 was used for trial from the forward platform of the converted Isle of Man Steam Packet Company vessel Viking as HMS Vindex. How 5601 ended up in the Middle East is not clear but maybe this is when on RAF charge after the merger of the RFC with the RNAS forming that new service. Although the RNAS had been involved in support for army operations around Gaza, El Arish, Port Said and Ismailia for some time.

RE8nosed - 22Kb

Above: A crashed RE8 or 'Harry Tate' as it was colloquially known.

RE8Palms - 20Kb

Above: Another crashed 'Harry Tate'.

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