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Pictures from Egypt during WW1 - Page 3

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A.L. Smith in Royal Air Force uniform.

A.L. Smith in Royal Flying Corps uniform.

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A.L. Smith attacking a Beardmore engine.

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A.L. Smith (centre) and colleagues

with an RE8 prop' behind.

A.L. Smith on motorcycle.

I think that the motorcycle is most likely a Douglas (from the handlebar shape and mudflap supports which are typical), possibly a model B. If you know different then please let me know.

Perry.jpeg - 23Kb

A colleague on a motorcycle.

The back of the photograph has the name (possibly) J F Perry. Any information then please get in touch.

The motor cycle I have identified as a P & M Military Model 3.5HP. The distinctive front forks and mud-guard contour, the cylinder pointing up and forward and the characteristic crank in the lower rear axle support make this fairly certain. Also my reference, Ansell, David (1985) 'Military Motor Cycles', states that, "....the P & M factory received a contract to supply the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War with their 3.5HP model...".

Feel free to e-mail me with any comments and feedback.

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