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The Wrong Colours?

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The left hand column of buttons have the colours as original designed in ArtWorks and then transferred via PhotoDesk exported as sprite, fed through ChangeFSI to convert to 256 colour sprite (Mode 28) which was then passed through InterGif and OK.

The right hand column are the colours now achieved using the same sprite files as originally used, (I am certain about this as they are all collected in the same directory as the original GIFFs, which have the correct colours) and passing through the same processing route. I have tried the various palette settings without noticeably different results.

Colours have now been achieved as intended by using ImageMaster, see 'Back' button on the PC Hist' and Contact Enhancers pages. InterGif still produces the colours seen in the right hand column.

The problem seems to occur with InterGif 6.07. Having now upgraded to InterGif 6.08 the problem is fixed. Thank you Peter Hartley.

It is unknown why InterGif 6.07 should have worked OK at one point and then failed to produce the correct colours at a later date. I am curious about this.

Feel free to e-mail me with any comments and feedback.

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