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This is intended, initially, as the leading page of a more extensive section on the Acorn Electron where I can post more information regarding some of the technical aspect, questions about which are still appearing regularly in the newsgroups.

To start things off I include a picture of the Electron that I obtained in the early 1980's and which just kept growing, and which still works.

ELK14s.jpeg - 31Kb
The Electron shown above has, as can be seen, been considerably expanded with a Jafa Mode 7 unit, Slogger RomBox, Acorn Plus 1, ACP Advanced Plus 4 and ABR (2 x Sideways RAM) expansions.

The Plus 1 has the upgraded Slogger Plus 1 ROM and the spare ROM socket in the Plus 4 has a utility ROM fitted. All possible Sideways ROM/RAM sockets are in use. The ZIF socket and ABR allowing the easy change of available ROMS.

About the only further, useful, upgrade it hasn't had is the Slogger Master Ram Board which would provide Turbo or 64K Ram modes.

A User Port card is available for fitting in the forward slot of the Plus 1.

This Electron is still fully functional after more than 15 years of use, including the original Sanyo tape machine that provided the only data storage facilities in its early days

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