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Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

Singleton, Nr. Chichester, West Sussex. England

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Interior of the School from West Wittering
This building was probably used as a school from about 1825. The origins of provision for the schooling of 'six poor children from the parish of West Wittering' go back to about 1702 and the Foundation provided by Oliver Whitby for a Bluecoat School in Chichester. Oliver Whitby, a son of the Archdeacon of Chichester, bequeathed properties as an endowment in the West Wittering area for such charitable use.
JNCRPPUG.jpeg - 8Kb
Left; Joiners' Shop from Witley, Surrey. Centre; Carpenter's Shop from Windlesham, Surrey. Right; Pugmill House from Redford, Sussex.
The joiners' shop had space for twelve men to work in what became a monumental masonry and coffin making business belonging to the Mallard family.

The carpenter's shop still has many of the original tools in their places as found when Mr Dale, carpenter and undertaker, ceased trading.

A pugmill is a contrivance for tempering clay. An upright large open topped 'bucket' fitted with a vertical shaft with blades is turned by means of an attached horizontal beam with a horse at the other extremity. The rotating blades soften the clay so that it emerges from a hole at the base of the 'bucket' as a workable paste ready for brickmaking


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